These MODS may not be up to date. If you know that there is an update available
or your MOD is not here please let me know. Please keep in mind that some files are password protected to keep people from hotlinking and eating up bandwidth. If you would like one of the password protected files please e-mail us.


EVO MOD v1.2 An awesome mod. Game enhancement with lots of add-ons. Makes game more combat oriented and faster paced. More complex balancing attributes. Distribution of EVO is not permitted. Updated 7/03/05 !!!!!!

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Point Defense System 5.0 (Big file only)
To install follow directions from their homepage
There is an easier version at their site:)

Star Wars: Warlords MOD (no download)
It is available at their homepage

The "ALL OUT WAR" MOD is coming soon:)